Specialty Fencing

We can help you find a fence solution that meets your specific needs.  Some of the specialty fences that we have constructed include electric barrier fences through creeks, indoor dog kennels, barbed wire suspension fences, and many more. What ever your specific challenge, we would be happy to provide a solution for you!

Barbed Wire / Paige Wire

The key to a quality multi-strand barbed wire or Paige wire fence is a good brace system.  The brace systems that we use are specifically matched to the type and size of fence that is being built.  This ensures that the fence remains straight and the wire is kept tight for many years.  Let us help you design a fence to meet your needs.   ​

Hi-Tensile electric fences are our specialty!  We are trained and have vast experience to help you design an electric fence for your specific needs. We have built multi-strand electric fences to contain sheep, goats, cows, pigs, horses and buffalo!  Electric fences, on average, are 40-50% less expensive than barbed wire (strand for strand).  The evolution of electric fence technology currently available has changed drastically since it's conception in 1938.  You can now monitor your fence using your smart phone!  

Whether you need a quality permanent fence built, a temporary electric fence system installed or need some fence line maintenance and repairs done - we are happy to help! 


Wood fences allow for the individual to express their creativity. The style and decorative touches of a wood fence enhance the value of your property and provide security as well.  We would love to help you showcase your creative style so you can enjoy your own oasis.

Chain Link

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Whether you need to protect your business assets or keep your children and pets safe, a chain link fence is a very economical option.  The simplistic design of a chain link fence, ensures that it will remain maintenance free for many years.  From residential to commercial, the styles and options are limitless. Chain link fences can be outfitted with swinging gates, rolling gates, security wire or privacy mesh.  Call us to discuss the many options available. 

 We believe in quality products and have been a Gallagher dealer for many years.